Take $3,120/year Off Your Mortgage with the New Gov “Enhanced Relief” Program

Updated – Saturday, June 22, 2024 By Joe Stanton

If you’re a homeowner, this one thing could save yourself thousands of dollars this year… Congress recently passed a new gov program called the Enhanced Relief Refinance initiative. This program is designed to help the average American homeowner reduce their payments by an average of $3,120/year (or $260/month).

There’s no telling when the program could expire, so it’s suggested that homeowners visit the free Enhanced Relief Savings website to check their eligibility right away.

So while the banks happily wait for this program to end, the Gov is making a final push and urging homeowners to take advantage. This program is currently active as of June, but with national economic uncertainty, it could be pulled away from the public at any time. The good news is that once you’re in, you’re in. Checking your eligibility is quick and completely free!